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Welcome to The Conscious Organizer – Resources for the Intuitive Aspiring and Professional Organizer

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


My name is Lisa Archilla and I’m an empathic, emotionally sensitive, intuitive, energetically tuned-in woman who happens to also be a Professional Organizer. I started my organizing business, Bee and Peacock Organizing, here in Fort Worth, Texas in 2017. Before that, I was a designer at The Container Store for seven years. Before that, I was in the music industry. And, before that, I grew up in a hoarder home, but that’s another story - and another blog post.

What Makes a Good Organizer?

I didn’t know that organizing could be a career until l was in my forties. But looking back, it feels like my life had prepared me for it. Like most organizers, I have a natural ability to systemize, organize, edit, and make pretty. Turns out that to be a good organizer you need to be really good with people too. In fact, it’s a lot about people. That's where that emotional sensitivity comes in handy.

Then there's the business side of things. You are an entrepreneur after all. At least at first, you will do your own business setup, marketing, web design, social media, tech, scheduling, consultations, emails, accounting, and taxes.

A successful organizing business requires skill in each of these three areas. But there is one aspect that rules them all.

What Makes a Great Organizer?

Positive Mindset. It's the powerful incubator of every belief, decision, action, and conversation. You can have amazing organizing, people, and business skills, but without a healthy mindset, you will get stuck in relation to your goals, not connect well with people, and block those creative juices that produce amazing problem-solving solutions. A great organizer has developed the art of consciously choosing the better thought.

Why The Conscious Organizer?

We've all heard that mindset is everything when creating a Pro Organizing business, but we don't always know what that means or how to improve it. I want to create a space that focuses on the skills and resources to create that powerful positive mindset so that we can grow as individuals and as entrepreneurs.

Wouldn't it be great if you could redirect yourself away from the doubt, fear, judgment, and chaos towards the path of well-being, peace, power, and love? To consistently have fun and productive organizing sessions, have meaningful client relationships, see lives changed - and make a good living. What a great career that would be. What a great life that would be.

I have learned so much about the power of showing up in a balanced way. My journey to a healthy mindset has evolved slowly. I have experienced childhood trauma, toxic relationships, and financial setbacks. I have been stuck for years at a time - more than once. But once I really understood the role my thoughts and beliefs played in creating my life experience amazing things began to happen.

My heart's message is that each person no matter what they have been through or where they are has the ability to change their life.


We enter the organizing industry for a lot of the same reasons: to do work we enjoy and are good at, to be our own boss, to make good money with a flexible schedule, and experience the satisfaction of seeing people's lives transformed. Mindset is the path to achieving all these goals.

Maybe starting a Professional Organizing business is part of that journey for you. Maybe as a seasoned Pro, you want to improve your mindset skills to attract better clients, have fun and energizing sessions, and scale your business. Or, maybe you want to learn how to better help your clients improve their mindset. Perhaps you want to become an Assistant Organizer so you can help others without having to start a business.

If any of this resonates I invite you to join me on this journey to evolve our perspectives so that we can show up as our best selves. For ourselves, our families, and our clients.

You can join me by subscribing to so you get notified of the latest blog posts, announcements, and course offerings. I'd love to hear about any topics you'd like to explore or problems in your business you'd like to unravel. Just send me an email via the contact page.

Let's take ourselves and our businesses to the next level.

All my gratitude,

Lisa Archilla


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