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My Story

I'm Professional Organizer, Lisa Archilla.  In 2009 I was a divorced single mom struggling to make ends meet.  At one point I was working five jobs including The Container Store. (For the whole story check out this blog post, How Mindset and the Container Store Changed My Life.)


Exhausted, discouraged, and unhappy about the quality of life I was providing for my daughter.  I knew there had to be more - I was more.  I wanted to experience a better life.  

I decided to take seriously the things I had been reading and listening to for years about abundance mindset and manifesting.  Through various mindfulness tools, I started putting into practice these concepts.  And it changed my life.

I started my business, Bee and Peacock Organizing, from scratch in 2017. Starting a business was definitely a powerful result of all the inner work I had done.  But like many organizers starting out, I struggled to get clients, keep up with social media posts, price my work correctly, and make sure I did all the business and legal stuff right.

Then there was the interaction with clients.  Providing good customer service, trying to assess what they truly needed, being emotionally supportive, and making my schedule available for them while keeping my own personal boundaries.  In some ways, I was still in a lack mentality and it showed in every area of my business.

I learned how to hone those mindset skills and become more consistent in my focus and intent.  Since then I have continued to do the inner work and grow myself along with my business.  It has been a profound and transformative journey giving me a new and deeper view of my own self-worth, tangible abundance, and more effective service to those around me.  I founded The Conscious Organizer because my passion and aim are to help other intuitive, emotionally sensitive organizers achieve their own goals for a thriving business and extraordinary life.

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