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There are many effective mindfulness modalities and practices available to enhance your mindset skills.  The variety is important because we all process information differently.  There is no one method or ideology that will work for everyone. 

The most basic way to focus your mind in the present moment is through quieting or emptying the mind through things such as Meditation and Sound Therapy.

Giving your mind something soothing to think about is also an effective technique.  Affirmations, appreciations, mantras, prayers, and recorded meditations all help your mind redirect away from unwanted thoughts.


When we are trying to pivot away from chronic unwanted thoughts it's often helpful to understand where they came from.  Understanding ourselves through Counseling/Coaching or self-guided study of modalities like the Enneagram can provide valuable insights and allow us to let go of stubborn thoughts that no longer serve us.

This resource page begins with the things that have helped me the most but I will update it periodically to reflect systems and teachers I think you might be interested in.


If you have a recommendation of a practice or resource that has helped you please leave me a message on the contact page.  I always love hearing about new ideas and personalities.

This is me when I was first starting out.  

Tai Chi, Wu Style,13 Postures

Recommended Tai Chi and Qi Gong resources on YouTube:

  • Holden Qi Gong

  • Yoqi Yoga and Qi Gong

  • Genjikai Karate and Tai Chi (my dojo!)

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are my greatest tools for quieting my mind and connecting my mind and body.  Qi Gong has been especially transformative for my mindset and physical health.  

I attend a local dojo several times a week, but I do qi gong every morning via the internet.  I have a subscription with Master Lee Holden, but there are many teachers I enjoy.

Qi Gong
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