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Develop a Recession Proof Mindset: Income Security for the Professional Organizer

As a Sole Proprietor business owner, it’s easy to put all the expectation of income and growth on my business. After all, it is what I do for a living. But I’ve learned my business is not my source of income. Here are three things to remember when facing an economic downturn.

1. You are your source of income, not your job.

Everything that exists is energy. Every thought, emotion, object, and experience. It’s all energy – including money. If you do energy work, you get that, but sometimes we need a little reminder that the essence of what we want is within our control. Life doesn’t happen to us, we create it. We form our future in each present moment by whatever we’re thinking and feeling. Whatever is happening around us only affects us if we are a vibrational match to it. Like attracts like.

The solution when we start to feel the fear of lack is to focus on what we want and why we want it. I want freedom, abundance, happiness, great health, fun times, wellbeing, adventure, inspiration, love. Why? Because they all feel amazing. It feels good to feel good. I want to stay in that space as long as I can. And, as a bonus, when I feel good, good things happen to me. It’s just how life works.

When we hear the news about impending economic downturns it’s easy to fall into that fear mindset. But you don’t have to. Our experience can be different than what we see around us. It’s as simple as choosing a better thought.

“I’ve come through hard times before. They’re only temporary.”

“Lots of people thrive in a slow economy.”

“I know how to focus on what I want. I am a powerful creator.”

“Money is just energy. And I’m good with energy.”

“The Economy is my friend.”

“Money is my friend.”

“The Universe will bring all the cooperative components together for my success.”

Simple is not always easy, but with practice you can totally own your future.

2. Seasons and cycles are the way of Life.

Just because we have the ability to craft our lives doesn’t mean there won’t be times where we experience unwanted things. Life is all about flow. The ebb of the wave, the change of the seasons, the life cycle of all living things. Everything is always moving and changing. Why wouldn’t the economy be the same? If your business is alive and thriving it will evolve and change as well. Don’t be afraid of the fluctuation. It’s a good sign. Only dead things stay the same.

Less is not always bad. There will be things to learn in the slower times. Things about yourself and your business. And, things to accomplish. Lean into the space. It’s a gift.

3. You’ve Got Help – Tune in and Let Go.

It’s easy to feel alone and scared when you think hard times are coming. That’s the time to remember the Universe has your back. All the things you want have been noted and are being processed behind the scenes. Resources, information, insights, mentors, impulses to act. Even the clients who would love to work with you and can afford you are being organized to appear at just the right time and place for the good of all.

Your job is to stay focused on the what and why and leave the how to the Universe. The how may look different than what you had planned so stay open and flexible. Trust your intuition. And, don’t worry if you think you’ve messed up. There are no mistakes from the Universe’s perspective. Just an endless stream of opportunities.

The economy is not a zero-sum game. The proverbial pie just keeps getting bigger as each comes to take their large, delicious piece. We can all prosper at any time - including during a recession. So, take heart, Organizers. You’ve got this.


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